International Academy OF Physical Therapy Research

The International Association of Physical Therapy promotes research and encourages fellowship,
in order to contribute towards the development of physiotherapy through application of new and
innovative foreign and domestic technologies.



JIAPTR bibliographic information database notice
Name : 관리자 Date : 2020-03-09 18:02
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  1. The referencing style used bythe journal is same as the JAMA style(originally from AMA), which can be foundas a standard referencing style in EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley, and Zotero, etc.If you use reference management software, application, or database, pleaseconvert your paper to the JAMA or AMA style before submission.

  2. If the authors want to use CSLfile, they can find and download the file in Instructions to Authors(

  3. If the authors accept Zotero,we recommend they use ‘Zotero Style Repository’ and ‘Style Search’(you can seeand select Journal of International Academy of Physical TherapyResearch(2020-03-08 15:06:59)).This will help you organize your papers moreeasily and quickly.

  4. Journal titles should be abbreviatedaccording to the journal list in PubMed, Please ensure that all references arecomplete and presented using the style. For further detail and examples you arereferred to the AMA Manual of Style, A Guide for Authors and Editors, TenthEdition.

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